In one of my latest posts (HERE) I already introduced my Personal trainer Christian Burgholzer. Together we created a short video including our favorite TRX exercises. This 9 moves are only some basic movements, targeting your whole body. But let me tell you one thing: TRX is not easy! You will feel the burn in every muscle. So if you are a beginner and not very experienced with this tool, try to make ~8-10 reps of every exercsise. One set is enough. If you’re already experienced with TRX you can also try 10-12 reps of every exercise.

Why is everybody talking about this tool? What are the benefits of it?

Well, luckily I’m able to answer that 😉 What I like most about TRX is that you can use it anywhere you want. You can fix it anywhere at home or at a tree in your local park. It’s not heavy and very easy to install. Another benefit of TRX is that trains your intrinsic musculature as well as your balance and body tension! Therefore it’s very effectiv also with low reps. In my opinion it’s one of the ‘healthiest’ versions of training. If you look at those typical gyms you will mostly find machines, which are seated and lead you through the exercise. With this, you will never develop an effective movement, because in fact you are only doing what the machine is ‘telling’ you to do. I think you get me ;-). So if you are looking for a new and effective training tool, definitely try TRX! You will not be disappointed. 

Watch the Video HERE

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