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You know what the best part of moving out and having your own apartment is? Definitely decorating and furnishing your new home! We spent hours and hours at Ikea, but it was totally worth it! Although it’s been over two month since we moved in, there are still some small things we didn’t manage to do for example hanging up pictures, choosing the right curtains (you can’t imagine how hard it is to find affordable and nice curtains) and so on.

I always wanted to have such a gallery wall with inspiring quotes and pictures of nature etc.. Don’t know if anyone can relate to it, but for me the classical art is somehow boring and I just don’t want to have it in my own apartment. However, I found some very good tips and ideas on how to do a gallery wall on DESENIO. You can choose which kind of arrangement and design you would like to have for your gallery wall and also buy the pictures you would like to have in it. This helped me a lot, because otherwise I would have had no clue which sizes fit together and which combination looks good on the wall.

As you can see I sticked to very minimalistic, light and rather single-colour images. Nevertheless they offer a huge range of posters, starting by beautiful photographs towards inspiring prints and posters for kids.

Saving the best for last I have a 25% discount code for all DESENIO prints! Simple add at the checkout the code jennyfromthehealthyblog25 and you will receive 25% discount on your purchase. Please be aware that the code is only valid for prints not for frames and from 10th to 12th January 2017.

Here are the direct links for the posters I chose:

Black Bay in 50 x 70

Cotton Candy Sky in 30 x 40

Prada in 21 x 30

Change your thoughts in 13 x 18

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