WORKOUT: Sliding Around

Sometimes I get a bit bored with ‘normal’ bodyweight training. In fact this workout is also only using your own bodyweight, but I’ve added some other nice things to make it even more challenging and with this I mean mouse pads. Of course you can also use small towels, paper plates or professional ‘fitness slide discs’.

What’s the advantage of this? Those slides cause instability and therefor your muscles have to work even harder in order to hold the position. You can do so many different exercises with some simple mouse pads, but this time I’m focussing on the upper body and mostly on our abs. Always make sure to maintain a strong core and a straight back, you’ll feel it when you got it right.

Try to do the exercises slowly and controlled and watch your posture.

VIDEO: Upper Body with slide discs

Note: I’m not a professional trainer. I’m just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

RECIPE: The best scrambled eggs

… are made out of tofu! You don’t believe me? Well, then try this recipe and I bet you will be amazed how delicious vegan scrambled eggs taste.

RECIPE: Vegan scrambled eggs

~ 1 person

– 200g Tofu (natural)
– some high quality oil e.g. sunflower oil
– half of a teaspoon curcuma (less is more)
– one tablespoon almond mush
– one tablespoon water
– any herbs you like e.g. parsley, chive etc.
– salt, pepper
– tomatoes
– whole grain bread
– hummus
– sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Preheat a pan and put in oil, mashed tofu and curcuma. Let it roast for about two minutes and add all the other ingredients. Add some sunflower or pumpkin seeds on top.


Ja… es ist wahr: Das leckerste Rührei besteht meiner Meinung nach aus Tofu! Ihr glaubt mir nicht? Dann probiert es aus! Ich wette ihr seid erstaunt wie lecker es schmeckt!

REZEPT: Veganes Rührei

~ 1 Person

– 200g Tofu natur
– ein wenig qualitativ hochwertiges Pflanzenöl z.B. Sonnenblumenkernöl
– ein halber Teelöffel Kurkuma (weniger ist mehr)
– ein Esslöffel weißes Mandelmus
– ein Esslöffel Wasser
– diverse Kräuter z.B. Petersilie, Schnittlauch etc.
– Salz, Pfeffer
– Tomaten
– Vollkornweckerl
– Hummus
– Sonnenblumenkerne oder Kürbiskerne

Das Öl in einer Pfanne vorheizen und den zerbröselten Tofu und Kurkuma darin ca. 2 Minuten anbraten. Alle anderen Zutaten hinzufügen und nocheinmal kurz aufkochen lassen. Ein paar Sonnenblumen- oder Kürbiskerne oben drauf und fertig!

WORKOUT: Arms & Shoulders

Education is important but big biceps is importanter!

HAHA…. This legendary and funny quote of Arnold Schwarzenegger points out on which part I’m focusing in this workout video (of course education is importantER ;-)). It’s all about our biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. My biceps is only a baby yet, but we all know “Good things come to those who sweat” and that’s what you are going to do in this workout.

Some important things regarding movements, which are performed in plank position, but also exercises in general: Always pull your belly button in and tense your core as well as maintaining a straight back (not like a cat and not like a horse). I know the last one is not always the easiest and sometimes even I’m not able to manage it, but try as much as you can and do your best. Concerning squats, it is always important to look straight forward and a little bit up and make sure your knees are behind your toes! It should feel like you want to sit down on a chair behind you and when you “touch” it, you go straight upwards and tense your butt.

Try to do the exercises slowly and controlled and watch your posture.

VIDEO: Arms & Shoulders

Note: I’m not a professional trainer. I’m just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

WORKOUT: Outdoor Pt.2

Foto 10.03.15 12 49 23As I promised in one of my previous posts, I’ll upload another Outdoor Workout. This time it focuses on our Abs and Obliques. Achieving a flat stomach can be really difficult and often takes a long time of hard work and discipline. If you want to get rid of fat in that area, it’s actually impossible to achieve this ‘only’ with fitness.

There is a good quote, which points out what I mean: Abs are made in the kitchen – and that’s a (sad) fact. You can’t achieve a flat stomach only by doing 100 sit ups every day, rather you have to have an accurate diet. Apart from that it’s of course also important to train your mid section to support that process. This short workout includes five different exercises, which are all focusing on your core. I recommend performing this after a cardio or HIIT session as it doesn’t take that long.

Watch the Video here

Note: I’m not a professional trainer. I’m just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

RECIPE: Simply Salad

First of all, salads don’t have to boring or tasteless. In fact I’m not a huge fan of salads, but with the right ingredients it can be a very delicious meal. I try to eat raw vegetables at least every second day or sometimes I manage to grab them every day. Why? Because uncooked and unprocessed vegetables contain the full amount of vitamins, mineral nutrients, fibers and so on. This is not the case if you e.g. cook them, because then some of them get lost at a certain temperature. However, if you want to lose weight or get your body in shape, I recommend eating salads for dinner as they are low in calorie and not that heavy.

RECIPE: Quick & Easy Salad (with Mozzarella)

~ 1 person

– a handful spinach
– a handful corn salad
– half of a cucumber (or more) (diced)
– five (or more) cherry tomatoes (diced)
– 100g mozzarella
– some sunflower seeds
– half of a bell pepper (or more) (diced)
– basil (chopped)
– salt, pepper and any other spices you like
– balsamic vinegar
– pumpkin seed oil (a must-have as an Austrian, switch it for olive oil if you don’t have it)

Just put everything into a bowl and season it. You can easily switch the vegetables for e.g. carrots, radish, mushrooms etc.


Zu allererst möchte ich erwähnen, dass Salate nicht immer langweilig und geschmacklos sein müssen. Ich selbst bin kein großer Fan von Salat, aber mit den richtigen Zutaten, kann er zu einem leckeren Gericht avancieren. Ich versuche zumindest jeden zweiten Tag oder manchmal auch jeden Tag rohes Gemüse zu mir zu nehmen. Warum? Weil in ungekochtem und unverarbeitetem Gemüse noch alle wichtigen Vitamine, Mineralstoffe, Ballaststoffe usw. enthalten sind. Dies ist bei Gekochtem nicht der Fall, da einige von diesen Inhaltsstoffen ab einer gewissen Temperatur verloren gehen.  Solltet ihr auch noch ein paar Pfunde verlieren oder ein bisschen an eurem Sommerbody arbeiten wollen, sind Salate ein perfektes Gericht für den Abend, denn sie sind im Vergleich zu anderen Speisen sehr kalorienarm und liegen nicht schwer im Magen.

REZEPT: Schneller & einfacher Salat (mit Mozzarella)

~ 1 Person

– eine Handvoll Spinat
– eine Handvoll Feldsalat
– eine halbe Gurke (oder mehr) (gewürfelt)
– fünf (oder mehr) Cherrytomaten (gewürfelt)
– 100g Mozzarella
– ein wenig Sonnenblumenkerne
– ein halber Paprika (oder mehr) (gewürfelt)
– Basilikum (gehackt)
– Salz, Pfeffer und andere Gewürze die man mag
– Balsamicoessig
– Kürbiskernöl (ein must-have als Österreicher, tausche es gegen Olivenöl falls Kürbiskernöl nicht vorhanden ist)

Alle Zutaten in einer Schüssel vermengen und würzen. Das verwendete Gemüse kann natürlich beliebig ausgetauscht werden (Karotten, Radieschen, Champignons usw.).

WORKOUT: Outdoor Pt.1

I love to workout outside! Especially when the sun is out 🙂

This short workout focuses on your inner thighs and butt and can be performed e.g. after a cardio or HIIT session to add a little muscle training. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate asking them!

VIDEO: Inner Thighs and Booty


Always remember that dreams don’t work unless you do!

Note: I’m not a professional trainer. I’m just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

RECIPE: Superbody Granola

Foto 08.04.15 14 58 11 Foto 08.04.15 14 56 44We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for me breakfast always has to be rather sweet than savory. The “Superbody Granola” is one of my favourite meals in the morning, because I personally can’t imagine eating bread or cheese in the morning, unless I’m on holiday. For those who don’t know what granola is, I’m going to explain it shortly. It’s basically a kind of crunchy nuts and seeds, mixed and baked in the oven. I often use it as a topping for my warm oatmeal – simply delicious! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

RECIPE: Superbody Granola

~ about one middle/big jar (like those in the pictures)

– 1 cup cashews (chopped)
– 1 cup almonds (chopped)
– 1/4 cup flax seeds
– 3/4 cup amaranth (popped)
– 1/4 cup spelt (popped)
– 1/3 cup sunflower seeds
– 1/3 cup pumkin seeds (chopped)
– 1/3 cup quinoa (popped)
– 1/2 cup oats
– 1/3 cup cacao nibs
– 1/3 cup coconut flakes
– 2-3 tablespoons liquid coconut oil
– a bit vanilla and cinnamon
– sweetener (honey, apple sweetener) add as much as you want and taste if its enough

Mix everything together and bake for about 10-15 minutes at 180°C. Let it cool before you transfer it into a jar. If you don’t have some of the ingredients, just switch them or leave them aside.


Wir alle wissen, dass Frühstück die wichtigste Mahlzeit des Tages ist, allerdings bevorzuge ich eher süße als pikante Frühstückgerichte. Das “Superbody Granola” ist eines meiner Favoriten, denn wie schon erwähnt, bin ich nicht der Typ für Brot und Käse zum Frühstück (außer ich bin gerade im Urlaub). Für diejenigen die den Begriff “Granola” noch nie gehört haben, werde ich ihn kurz erklären. Prinzipiell versteht man darunter einfach ein crunchiges Müsli mit verschiedenen Nüssen, Saaten usw., welche gemischt werden und dann kurz gebacken. Ich verwende es oft als Topping für meinen warmen Haferbrei – einfach himmlisch! Ich hoffe euch schmeckt es genauso gut wie mir 🙂

REZEPT: Superbody Granola

~ ein mittleres bis großes Einmachglas/Behälter
– 1 cup Cashews (gehackt)
– 1 cup Mandeln (gehackt)
– 1/4 cup Leinsamen
– 3/4 cup Amaranth gepoppt
– 1/4 cup Dinkel gepoppt
– 1/3 cup Sonnenblumenkerne
– 1/3 cup Kürbiskerne (gehackt)
– 1/3 cup Quinoa gepoppt
– 1/2 cup Haferflocken
– 1/3 cup Cacao nibs
– 1/3 cup Kokosflocken
– 2-3 Teelöffel  Süßungsmittel (Honig oder Apfelsüße), soviel wie man möchte (immer kosten!)
– ein bisschen Vanillepulver und Zimt

Alles in einer Schüssel zusammen mixen und dann 10-15 Minuten bei 180°C backen. Auskühlen lassen und in ein Glas füllen. Man findet so gut wie alle Produkte in Reformhäusern, Biosupermärkten und teilweise bei DM.