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Up up and away

Like most of you probably already noticed on Instagram, I’m leaving Austria in about two days to spend one week in beautiful Portugal. I’m so excited!! I have to admit that I’m a terrible traveller. My suitcase is always too small (or is there to much in it? … who knows) and my poor boyfriend has to take all my shoes, bags and stuff like that into his case. It’s just that I’m feeling much more comfortable when I know that I have packed more than I really need – you never know what happens!

I compiled some of my “Travelling essentials”, which are always in my bag/suitcase.

Raw and vegan fruit and nut bars

It’s almost impossible to find healthy snacks while you are travelling. These bars are perfect if you are a little hungry, but don’t want to eat anything huge. Personally I prefer the companies “Raw bite” and “Roo bar”, because they only contain natural sweetener (Dates) and they also offer protein bars, which is perfect if you want to grab something healthy after a workout.

A breath of fresh air

Lush is my favourite company when it comes down to cosmetic products. This one is a facial toner and it’s perfect for dry air e.g. in an airplane as it refreshes your face perfectly! I have them in travel size and also in normal size, because I use this product every day.

Fringed shoulder bag

We’re planning to make a one-day sightseeing trip to Lisbon and so I wanted to have a small and stylish shoulder bag, in which I can put in only the most important stuff. This one is from Brandy Melville and I like it a lot. It’s comfortable and matches with the outfit I planned for this trip (yes I do plan them haha). Unfortunately I think it’s not vegan or fair, but there will be post about a vegan and fair bag soon – stay tuned!

Bobbi Brown Concealer

I discovered this creamy concealer today and I think it’s one of the best! It also comes with a light powder, which is applied after the concealer to fix it. Also perfect for your handbag by the way.

Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner

Good smell, good result and good size. In Austria and Germany you can buy it at Müller.


Wie die meisten von euch wahrscheinlich schon mitbekommen haben, werde ich in zwei Tagen für eine Woche nach Portugal verschwinden und freue mich schon wie verrückt darauf. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich ein ziemlich mieser Reisender bin. Mein Koffer ist IMMER zu klein (oder ist einfach zu viel drinnen… wer weiß?) und mein armer Freund muss dann meine Schuhe, Handtaschen etc. in seinen Koffer unterbringen. Ich fühle mich einfach wohler wenn ich weiß, ich habe mehr als genug eingepackt – man weiß ja nie was kommt.

Ich habe eine kurze Liste für euch zusammengestellt, in der ich meine Lieblings Reiseprodukte vorstelle.

Rohe und vegane Nuss/Früchteriegel

Leider ist es immer noch so gut wie unmöglich gesunde Snacks zu bekommen, wenn man auf Reisen ist. Diese Riegel sind perfekt wenn man Hunger hat, aber jetzt nichts großartig zu sich nehmen möchte. Ich persönlich bevorzuge jene Riegel von “Raw bite” oder “Roo bar”, da sie sehr lecker sind und nur mit natürlichen Süßungsmitteln gesüßt sind (Datteln.) Außerdem gibt es davon auch Proteinriegel, die ich besonders gerne nach dem Training zu mir nehme.

A breath of fresh air

Ich liebe ja eigentlich alle Lush Produkte, aber dieser Gesichtstoner hat es echt drauf. Er erfrischt unglaublich gut und die Reisegröße passt perfekt in die Handtasche. Vor allem super für die trockene Luft im Flugzeug.

Schultertasche mit Fransen

Wir planen einen eintägigen Ausflug in Portugals Hauptstadt Lissabon und hierfür wollte ich mir eine kleine und bequeme Tasche zulegen in der das nötigste Platz hat (noch dazu hat sie stylische Fransen). Diese ist von Brandy Melville und passt sehr gut zu meinem geplanten Outfit (ja ich plane meine Outfits haha). Leider ist sie meines Wissens nicht vegan oder fair. Allerdings werde ich bald eine fair hergestellte und vegane Tasche vorstellen – stay tuned!

Bobbi Brown Concealer

Dieses Produkt habe ich heute erst entdeckt und ich finde es wirklich sehr innovativ. Es besteht nämlich nicht nur aus Concealer sondern auch aus einem hellen Puder, mit dem man den Concealer fixiert. Vor allem bei dieser Hitze ist es ganz gut, wenn man ein bisschen fixieren kann. Passt auch perfekt in die Handtasche by the way.

Toni & Guy Shampoo und Conditioner

Guter Duft, gutes Ergebnis, gute Größe. In Österreich und Deutschland sind diese Produkte bei Müller erhältlich.


The bikinibody emergency plan

Did I miss anything? We’re already having july! The last months passed by so fast and maybe some of us aren’t really ready for summer yet. So what to do if you want to look even better in your bikini, but only got two weeks left?! Don’t worry… we’ll fix that. This should not be a crash diet or something.. just some tips how to lose fat and build lean muscle in a short amount of time. Let’s do this!


First things first, nutrition is the alpha and omega. You will not see many results if you workout four times a week and eat like a pig. In my opinion the formula to achieve the body you want consists of 70% diet and 30% exercise. As you may know, I’m vegetarian and try to eat vegan as often as I can. But all over this the most important thing is to eat clean. No junk food, no instant food, no chemical flavours and stuff like that. Here is an example what kind of meals you could eat if you follow this diet.


Soak oats, two tablespoons chia seeds in some vegan milk (almond, coconut, oat etc.). Use the immersion blender and mix it with a handful of cashews. Add honey, vanilla, cinnamon, pomegranate and banana. Add almonds or any seeds if you want.


Quinoa with vegetables and feta (optional). RECIPE


Any kind of fruit (apple, blueberries, strawberries) with a handful almonds.


Colorful Salad with vegetables and mozzarella or tofu. RECIPE

Post-workout snack.

Drink a hemp protein shake approximately 30 minutes after your workout. I mix it with oat milk, two tablespoons of yoghurt, half a banana and two tablespoons organic hemp protein powder, which can be bought at a health food store. Hemp is such a silver bullet! Here is a short overview of the amazing benefits of hemp.




For me, HIIT is the best way to burn fat while getting your heartbeat up. In those High Intensity Interval Trainings you only workout approximately 15 minutes, but in this time you give everything you have! Sounds not that exhausting? Well, then try my new HIIT workout. I created this one by my own and I’m completely over and out after it. This one mixes cardio with strength moves. WORKOUT: HIIT + Abs

Please don’t think that you can perform this workout once a week and you’ll get a six-pack. Try to incorporate other things into your workout schedule and don’t be afraid of training with weights! Weights are an important tool in order to lose body fat. Check out my other videos for some examples. Apart from that I really recommend the workouts by Kayla Itsines. I love her Bikinibody Guides and use them three times a week (Legs, Arms, Abs).



“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

Please don’t think that it’s enough to eat clean and train for two weeks and then your body will look like this forever. If you want something, you have to work for it NON STOP! Of course there are some freaks who can eat whatever they want and have a perfect body. Unfortunately I’m not one of them and I think some of you aren’t either ;-). Maybe this point is the most important one, because without being disciplined and steady, you can’t achieve anything (in life).

I compiled my favorite health blogs/websites etc. for you, so you can find more clean recipes for your journey:

– Clean Eating Mag

– Feasting on fruit (clean desserts, cake, cookies etc.)

Clean eating survival guide

Daria Daria (vegan recipes)

My Recipes at a glance

Welcome to the circus

Hello and welcome!

I’m so happy to introduce you to my new blog “Healthy Fashioncircus”! You may wonder why I made a complete new website? Well, when I first started my blog, I never really thought that there would be anyone who actually reads my posts lol. But things went quite well and so I wanted to make the whole thing a bit more professional. So here we are! The topics are pretty much the same as with “about health, fashion and passion” exept for the fashion part. I realized that fashion changes us. Tops, shoes, shorts etc. are so unbelievable cheap nowadays and so I started to make my mind up. I don’t want to promote buying tons of cheap clothes, which are prdouced on adverse conditions. However, I don’t want to enter into detail concerning this topic, but my aim is to concentrate on fair and organic fashion! I want to integrate at least one piece of fair fashion into an outfit post and show how good it can actually look.

I hope you enjoy this page as much as I do! I’m glad for every feedback, tips etc.

Until then… eat vegan. train hard. shop fair

xx Jenny

PS.: Don’t fortget to sign up for the newsletter 😉 (on the right)


Hallo und herzlich Willkommen!

Ich bin so froh, euch endlich meinen neuen Blog “Healthy Fashioncircus” vorstellen zu dürfen. Vielleicht fragt ihr euch jetzt warum ich eine komplett neue Webiste erstellt habe? Naja, als ich meinen ersten Blog erstellt habe, habe ich mir eigentlich nicht gedacht, dass es irgendjemanden geben wird, der meine Beiträge tatsächlich liest…. Aber es hat sich ganz gut entwickelt und deshalb wollte ich das ganze noch etwas professioneller gestalten. Hier ist es! Die Themengebiete sind ziemlich ähnlich wie bei “about health, fashion and passion” bis auf den Bereich Mode. Ich habe festgestellt, dass uns Mode in vielerlei Hinsicht verändert. Teilsweise sind wir süchtig danach, erschreckend günstige Shirts, Schuhe oder Hosen zu kaufen. Nach einigen intensiven Recherchen mit diesem Thema, habe ich beschlossen, dass ich den Kauf von Tonnen von günstiger Kleidung nicht unterstützen möchte. Mein Ziel ist es, in jedem meiner Outfitposts, mindestens ein fair hergestelltes Kleidungsstück zu integrieren, um zu zeigen, wie gut die Kombination aus “normaler” und fairer Mode aussehen kann.

Ich hoffe euch gefällt meine Arbeit und ich freue mich über jedes Feedback, Tips etc.

Bis dahin… eat vegan. train hard. shop fair.

xx Jenny

PS.: Vergesst nicht euch für den Newsletter anzumelden 😉

RECIPE: Pancake Power

Sorry for not being that active in the last time, but university is killing me… apart from that I’ve spent so much time in building up my NEW BLOG!!! All I can say right now is: it’s getting huge 😛

I invited my girls for a delicious vegan breakfast the other day and also made some yummy vegan pancakes. I have to admit that although I loooove pancakes, I don’t make them very often because I don’t have enough time for it in the morning. However, I found this recipe on the internet and it turned out to be suuuper delicious and easy.

For ‘milk’ I used the best almond milk in the world, which I got from Slim Tim (thanks again guys). I already mentioned them some time ago when I was doing the 3 day Detox (Link to post) and I’m still in love with their products. Of course you can use any vegan milk you like for example coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk and so on. So invite your girls for some scrumptious vegan pancakes!

RECIPE: The easiest pancakes in the world

~ 2 persons


– 200g whole-grain flour
– 250ml almond milk
– one mashed banana
– 2 teaspoons baking powder
– 1 tablespoon neutral oil e.g. sunflower oil
– vanilla, cinnamon, salt
– oil for the pan


Mix everything into a bowl and give it a good mix. If you like you can add some sweetener e.g. honey or agave syrup. Preheat a pan and make some small pancakes with a spoon. Fry them from both sides until they have a good colour. I put some blueberries, strawberries and honey on top.

PS: Use the code ‘jennylovesdetox’ for a 20% discount for all SLIM TIM products

Austrian Oxygen


What a weekend! My boyfriend and I spent the last three days in an amazing hotel called “Das Goldberg“. It is located in beautiful “Gasteinertal”, which is in Salzburg/Austria. So basically it feels like you are on top of the mountain and you can overlook the complete valley. What an amazing feeling that was! The hotel has so much to offer (pictures below) e.g. an infinity pool, three different saunas, a whirlpool, delicious food, a small gym, comfortable rooms and a lot more. You could even order a vegan dinner, which I did once and it was very tasty. Unfortunately the weather was so awful and we couldn’t enjoy the natural lake with the white beach. However, we definitely savored our stay and I hope we can visit this wonderful place again soon. For all the skiing fans maybe important information: the slope is directly in front of the hotel.
Some impressions of this magnificent place….

Made some friends at Gut Aiderbichl

Not that healthy… haha

IMG_0602 IMG_0601 IMG_0605   IMG_0539 IMG_0537

WORKOUT: Sliding Around

Sometimes I get a bit bored with ‘normal’ bodyweight training. In fact this workout is also only using your own bodyweight, but I’ve added some other nice things to make it even more challenging and with this I mean mouse pads. Of course you can also use small towels, paper plates or professional ‘fitness slide discs’.

What’s the advantage of this? Those slides cause instability and therefor your muscles have to work even harder in order to hold the position. You can do so many different exercises with some simple mouse pads, but this time I’m focussing on the upper body and mostly on our abs. Always make sure to maintain a strong core and a straight back, you’ll feel it when you got it right.

Try to do the exercises slowly and controlled and watch your posture.

VIDEO: Upper Body with slide discs

Note: I’m not a professional trainer. I’m just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

RECIPE: The best scrambled eggs

… are made out of tofu! You don’t believe me? Well, then try this recipe and I bet you will be amazed how delicious vegan scrambled eggs taste.

RECIPE: Vegan scrambled eggs

~ 1 person

– 200g Tofu (natural)
– some high quality oil e.g. sunflower oil
– half of a teaspoon curcuma (less is more)
– one tablespoon almond mush
– one tablespoon water
– any herbs you like e.g. parsley, chive etc.
– salt, pepper
– tomatoes
– whole grain bread
– hummus
– sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Preheat a pan and put in oil, mashed tofu and curcuma. Let it roast for about two minutes and add all the other ingredients. Add some sunflower or pumpkin seeds on top.


Ja… es ist wahr: Das leckerste Rührei besteht meiner Meinung nach aus Tofu! Ihr glaubt mir nicht? Dann probiert es aus! Ich wette ihr seid erstaunt wie lecker es schmeckt!

REZEPT: Veganes Rührei

~ 1 Person

– 200g Tofu natur
– ein wenig qualitativ hochwertiges Pflanzenöl z.B. Sonnenblumenkernöl
– ein halber Teelöffel Kurkuma (weniger ist mehr)
– ein Esslöffel weißes Mandelmus
– ein Esslöffel Wasser
– diverse Kräuter z.B. Petersilie, Schnittlauch etc.
– Salz, Pfeffer
– Tomaten
– Vollkornweckerl
– Hummus
– Sonnenblumenkerne oder Kürbiskerne

Das Öl in einer Pfanne vorheizen und den zerbröselten Tofu und Kurkuma darin ca. 2 Minuten anbraten. Alle anderen Zutaten hinzufügen und nocheinmal kurz aufkochen lassen. Ein paar Sonnenblumen- oder Kürbiskerne oben drauf und fertig!