One night in Amsterdam – Hotel The Exchange


What shall I say… Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world. Of course there are so many beautiful and exciting cities all around the world and not that I’m saying that I visited all of them, but speaking of the cities which I already visited, Amsterdam is number one. It has something very special to me and even if it sounds stupid, but it somehow makes me feel at home (maybe I have some Dutch roots – who knows?! :-P).


Although we spent three days in the Netherlands, we only stayed one night in Amsterdam, because we mainly wanted to visit our friend, who is studying in Wageningen, which is about 1,5 hours outside of Amsterdam. For our one night stay we wanted something extraordinary, but affordable and so we discovered the hotel The exchange.


This hotel is a boutique fashion hotel and every room is designed by young fashion designers. This may sound not so special right now, but if you enter one of the rooms you are really astonished how amazing and thoughtful the designers shaped this room. What I found really cool is that none of the rooms are the same, so if you book a room at the hotel you can be sure that this room is completely unique. We stayed at the room called “Live hand drawing” and you can imagine it as a super bright and minimalistic room with a comfortable bed, a direct view on the street and of course a piece of art in in the form of wires on the wall. There are five room categories (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star rooms), which differ from their price and type of design.


My favorite thing, apart from the rooms, definitely is the location of the hotel. I think there are only a few hotels in Amsterdam, which have this perfect city location where you can reach everything within walking distance or with the tram. The central station of Amsterdam is only a 5 minutes walk away, which is super important if you have to get to the airport quickly. Even tough the Hotel is located at one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam (Damrak), it is completely quiet at night. The red light district basically is on the other side of the streets and the beautiful canals (which are my favorite place in Amsterdam) are “behind” the hotel, so you are literally located in the heart of the city. The hotel also has a very nice cafe right next to it, which offers breakfast and snacks. It’s called Cafe Stock.




So if you’re looking for an extraordinary hotel, with the perfect location, I really recommend you this hotel. Have a look at the website of the Hotel The Exchange.

// in cooperation with Hotel The Exchange //

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