RECIPE: Around the world – Arabian

This one is a total classic. When I went to Dubai one year ago, this was my lifesaver. Tabouleh is a kind of starter in the Arabic region, but in my opinion they put way to much parsley in it (I don’t want to feel like a rabbit lol). I also like to use Couscous instead of Bulgur, but you can choose whatever you like best.

Health Facts & Benefits*:

  • Couscous is high in potassium and selenium
  • Couscous contains a very high amount of proteins in comparison to other grains
  • very easy and uncomplicated dish
  • Mint supports your digestion
  • Parsley is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C


RECIPE: Tabouleh


~ 1 Person

– 100g cooked Couscous or Bulgur
– half of a cucumber (chopped)
– 8-10 cherry tomatoes (chopped)
– a dash of lemon
– parsley (chopped)
– mint (chopped)– a dash of olive oil
– salt, pepper

TIP: I used a very delicious and organic spice blend from an austrian company called “Sonnentor”. I recommend it highly, especially when you’re not having all the herbs at home.


Put everything into a bowl and season it well.


Note: I’m not a certified nutritionist. This list is just my own knowledge, which I taught myself through appropriate literature and internet resources. No guarantee of the relevance, accuracy or completeness of such information.

What I eat + RECIPE: Matcha Latte

When I talk to people I meet in my daily life and tell them about my lifestyle and fitness routine and everything related to this, they often say “Wow cool! I would also love to eat more balanced and healthy, but actually I just don’t know what I should eat.”. And to be honest I completely understand this. When I was at the age of 16-18 I just ate everything I wanted. I didn’t gave a s**t about what is healthy and brings me energy and what kind of foods are just ruining my energy level. And actually I also didn’t have a clue what to eat instead. For me it was normal to eat Wiener Schnitzel with fries like every second day or maybe eat half of an apple a day and I felt like “Well that must be enough vitamins for a week”. In my opinion the causes for this problem are lack of knowledge on one hand and probably also a deficiency of role models on the other.

My aim is to solve this problem in showing you what I eat at a normal day and what I consider as healthy, balanced and wholesome. I know we all have busy schedules and I’m not saying you should cook by yourself every day three times. Of course it’s completely okay to go out for dinner once in a while or meet your friends for a nice breakfast. After all, you should really focus on cooking by yourself because it’s definitely cheaper and probably more healthy than the usual menu at your universitys cafeteria.



We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I like to start the day with soaked oats, chia seeds, nuts and some crunchy cereals like those from MyMüsli. This one is Vanilla Blueberry Granola and it tastes amazing. It’s only sweetend with honey, which I like because I try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible. In addition to this I top it with different fruits, berries etc. As I don’t like the taste of coffee I love to drink green tea or (my newest addiction) Matcha Latte. This one is from an austrian company called KISSA and I love it. I just broil milk (coconut, almond etc.) and add ~two teaspoons of matcha, honey or sweetener of your choice and some vanilla or cinnamon. Very important – the bamboo broom. You can also use a milk frother if you have one. If you don’t want “Latte” you can also use boild water then it’s more like a normal tea.



For lunch I need something warm and cooked. Some poeple like to eat a salad for lunch, but thats kinda freaking me out lol. There are several recipes in my “FOOD” category, which are perfect for lunch such as those super delicious quinoa patties (CLICK FOR THE LINK). I recommend eating something high in complex carbohydrates for lunch as those nutrients are giving you the most energy.



Check out my TOP 5 snacks HERE.



Finding something for dinner is always a bit tricky for me. First of all I want to state clear that I don’t like the fact that some people recommend to avoid carbs at the evening. That’s bullshit. Of course you shouldn’t eat a whole plate of pasta with a fatty sauce especially not for dinner. Carbs are not the enemy. Things like white sugar, white flour and all baked kind of things are. I don’t want you to eat salad every day, but it’s a good option to incorporate raw vegetables in your menu. For example, the photo above is a vegan version of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and some whole grain bread (CLICK FOR THE LINK)

Another very important thing is to trink enough water during the day. At least 1,5 litres. Just for your information: Coffee, Coca Cola and other sugary drinks don’t count as ‘water’ ;-).

Fall Favorites

Hi peeps! Fall is on its way and I wanted to show you my favorite pieces for this season. I think this look is the perfect mix of comfort and style. Please take a special look at this beautiful MATT & NAT clutch, which is my “fair fashion piece” in this outfit and apart from that it is on SALE!!! So if you’re looking for a vegan, sustainable and fair produced small bag, this one is definitely worth it!


RECIPE: Healthy patties

Today I wasn’t in the mood for grocery shopping, so I just threw everything I already had at home together and I ended up by these delicious Quinoa-Veggie Patties! I didn’t even have another recipe for inspiration… you could say I just followed my heart :-P. Don’t take the quantities 100% serious. As I already said, I just took what I’ve got at home. Enjoy!

RECIPE: Quinoa – Veggie Patties with cashew-basil dip and sweet tomato salad

~ serves 2

Ingredients & Directions

For the patties:

– 150g cooked Quinoa
– half of a zucchini
– one big or two small carrots
– one green onion
– pine nuts or sunflower seeds
– garlic
– rice flour or soy flour
– basil, rosemary, thyme
– salt, pepper

Chop the onion and garlic and sweat them in hot oil together with the pine nuts for about two minutes. In a bowl add the cooked quinoa, chopped zucchini, grates carrot and the onion/garlic/nut mix. Season everything with salt, pepper, basil, rosemary, thyme. Add as much rice or soy flour as you need to create a gluey and solid dough. With your hands shape patties and fry them in oil for about four minutes each.

For the dip:

– basil
– cashew mush
– water
– salt, pepper
– mustart, lime juice

Take approximately a tablespoon of cashew mush and mix it with water until you have texture you like. Season it with basil, salt and pepper and add the mustard and lime juice (carefully!).

For the salad:

– two handful cherry tomatoes
– balsamic vinegar, olive oil
– salt, pepper
– agave syrup

Cut the tomatoes in halves and add all the other ingredients. If you want, you can also add some water.


Heute war ich echt nicht im Stimmung um zum Supermarkt zu fahren und Lebensmittel einzukaufen, also habe ich einfach alles genommen was ich zuhause hatte und tja.. daraus sind diese leckeren Quinoa-Gemüse Laibchen geworden. Ich hatte nicht mal ein Rezept, an das ich mich ansatzweise anlehnen konnte. Man könnte sagen, ich bin einfach meiner inneren Stimme gefolgt :-P. Nehmt die Mengenangaben nicht zu 100% ernst. Wie ich schon erwähnt habe, habe ich einfach die Zutaten willkürlich ausgewählt bzw. einfach genommen was ich hatte. Gutes Gelingen!

REZEPT: Quinoa-Gemüse Laibchen mit Cashew-Basilikum Dip und süßem Tomatensalat

~ 2 Personen

Zutaten & Anleitung

Für die Laibchen:

– 150g gekochten Quinoa
– halbe Zucchini
– eine große oder zwei kleine Karotten
– eine Jungzwiebel
– Pinienkerne oder Sonnenblumenkerne
– Knoblauch
– Reismehl oder Sojamehl
– Basilikum, Rosmarin, Thymian
– Salz, Pfeffer

Hacke die Jungzwiebel und den Knoblauch und schwitze es zusammen mit den Pinienkernen bzw. Sonnenblumenkernen in einer Pfanne mit heißem Öl fpr ca. 2 Minuten an. In einer Schüssel den gekochten Quinoa, zerkleinerte Zucchini, geraspelten Karotten und den Zwiebel/Knoblauch/Nussmix vermengen und gut durchmischen. Gut würzen und anschließend so viel Reis- oder Soyamehl hinzufügen bis eine klebrige und feste Masse entsteht. Mit den Händen rund Laibchen formen und in heißen Öl jeweils ca. 4 Minuten braten.

Für den Dip:

– Basilikum
– Cashewmus
– Wasser
– Salz, Pfeffer
– etwas Senf und Zitronensaft

Ungefähr einen Esslöffel Cashewmus mit Wasser vermengen und so lange rühren bis es die gewünschte Textur erreicht hat. Danach würzen und den Senf und den Zitronensaft hinzufügen (sparsam!).

Für den Salat:

– zwei handvoll Cherry Tomaten
– Balsamicoessig, Olivenöl
– Salz, Pfeffer
– Agavendicksaft

Die Tomaten in Hälften schneiden und mit den anderen Zutaten vermengen.

RECIPE: Salad with chanterelles and roasted nuts

Who else is in love with chanterelles? I definitely am! Especially because they are now on season and I try to cook as seasonal (and local) as possible. I have to admit that this was the first time ever I cooked with chanterelles and surprisingly it tasted very good. I hope you like it as well 🙂

RECIPE: Salad with chanterelles, tomatoes, bell pepper and roasted nuts


– handful of corn salad
– handful cherry tomatoes
– half of a bell pepper
– 1-2 handful chanterelles
– roasted hazelnuts (as much as you like)
– roasted almond silvers (as much as you like)
– balsamico vinegar
– olive oil
– salt, pepper
– herbs (e.g. parsley)


Wash and cut the chanterelles carefully. Wash the salad, tomatoes and bell pepper and chop them as you like. In a pan put some olive oil and roast the chanterelles. After ~3-4 minutes season them with salt, pepper and herbs. If they loose some water, just try to put it away as good as you can. Put everything into a bowl and top it with vinegar and olive oil. I also added some whole grain bread as I need some sort of side dish for salads.


Wer ist nicht auch ein Fan von Eierschwammerl bzw. Pfifferlingen? Ich bin’s auf jeden Fall! Besonders weil diese Pilze gerade Saison haben und ich so saisonal (und regional) wie möglich kochen möchte. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich zum allerersten Mal mit Eierschwammerln gekocht habe und überraschenderweise ist es mir ganz gut gelungen. Ich hoffe euch geht es genauso 🙂

REZEPT: Salat mit Eierschwammerln, Tomaten und gerösteten Nüssen


– eine Handvoll Feldsalat
– eine Handvoll Cherry Tomaten
– einen halben Paprika
– 1-2 Handvoll Eierschwammerl
– geröstete Haselnüsse (so viel wie man mag)
– geröstete Mandelsplitter (so viel wie man mag)
– Balsamicoessig
– Olivenöl
– Salz, Pfeffer
– Kräuter z.B. Petersilie


Wasche und schneide die Eierschwammerl gründlich aber vorsichtig. Wasche den Salat, die Tomaten und den Paprika und zerkleinere sie so wie du magst. Gib etwas Öl in die Pfanne und brate die Eierschwammerl etwa 3-4 Minuten an. Nachdem sie ein bisschen angebraten sind, würze sie mit Salz, Pfeffer und Kräutern. Falls sich etwas Wasser bilden sollte, einfach so gut wie möglich versuchen es zu entfernen. Alles zusammen in eine Schüssel geben und mit dem Balsamicoessig und Olivenöl marinieren. Ich habe auch noch Vollkornbrot dazugegessen, weil ich generell eine Art Beilage zu Salaten brauche.

Dickes B

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

I love this quote… For me, travelling became an addiction. Some people might not understand that or think that this person must be unhappy at there own home. But that’s not true! I totally love my home and also my country and all those beautiful places here in Austria, but for me there is nothing I’m looking more forward to than leaving my own little spot of life and escaping into another world. Exploring new places gives me the chance to maybe see things differently and be fascinated by the architecture, history, people, culture and so on.

Like I already told you in my last post, I visited Berlin with my friends and it was freakin AMAZING! We got to see so many stunning places and ate a lot of delicious food of course ;-). In this post I want to share with you a list all the things you have to know when you want to visit Berlin.. Enjoy!

Where to STAY.

We stayes at a very nice hotel called “Berlin Berlin”, which I booked via secret escapes. I can only recommend this Booking page as it offers good hotels for good prices and I’ve never had any problems with it so far. I have to admit that the area around the hotel is not the most beautiful, but it’s very close to Kurfürstendamm and the Zoologische Garten. All in all a very good place to stay.

Where to EAT.

A dream came true! I visited my first cleaneating restaurant called THE BOWL (pictures below) and it was really delicious. Everything they offer is clean and plantbased…. I really wanted to stay there forever. Unfortunately we had to wait 45 minuted for our food, which made us feel a bit uncomfortable as all the other guests got their food within 10 minutes. I can’t imagine that we were the reason for this as we are super nice and friendly girls of course ;-).
Another restaurant, which is one my Top 4 list is NENI Berlin. I already know Neni from my hometown, but it’s always a pleasure to eat there. They offer israeli food and have a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes. But the main reason why I mention this restaurant is the location. It’s on top of the 25 hours hotel and you can see all over the zoo of Berlin. Breathtaking!If you want some Burgers and Fries I recommend 5 PLACES BURGER, which is very close to The bowl and more a take away than a restaurant. Very good price-performance ratio.
A very romantic place to eat is the CAFE AM NEUEN SEE. It’s located directly in the Zoologische Garten and very beautiful.

Where to SHOP.

Yesss…. I fulfilled myself another dream and bought myself my first vegan and fair produced Handbag by MATT & NAT! I looked at their online shop a million times and wanted to order one already, but then I decided that I wanted to see them in real. I dragged my patient girls (love you guys) to a shop called DEAR GOODS, which sells vegan, organic, fair etc. clothing and bags. IT WAS HEAVEN! Everytime I look at this beauty I fall in love. I also think the price (144€) is completely legitimate for this high-quality product. I think it’s better to buy one bag, which is maybe a bit more expensive, than a lot of cheap bags, which only look good for a month.
Wanna know what the best place to shop in Berlin is? Definitely the KAUFHAUS DES WESTENS (KaDeWe). It’s huge and it’s beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for make up or fruits you’ve never heard of before, you can get anything you want there. Speaking about shopping, I bought my second pair of ray-bans wuhu.
FRIEDRICHSHAIN is a very hip and modern district of berlin. It’s also the place where all the vegan restaurants are. In the streets of Friedrichshain you can find a lot of cute small shops from young designers.

What to SEE.

On Saturday we participated a so called FREE WALKING TOUR. It’s a guided tour through the inner city of berlin and basically is for free, but if you liked it, you give a gratuity. We visited the HOLOCAUST DENKMAL, which is very impressive and also a bit intimidating, Brandenburger Tor, Gendarmenmarkt, Berliner Mauer and other places I can’t remind myself anymore. You should definitely do this when you are in Berlin.
Apart from that we visited the EASTSIDE GALLERY, which are residues of the Berlin wall and are painted by artists. The photos of my lates outfit post are taken at this place.

Some more pics of our trip…

Me and the girls

Burger invasion at 5 Places Burger

In front of the Holocaust Denkmal

Drinks at THE BOWL

What you have to eat when you visit NENI Berlin

The Brandenbuger Tor

Holocaust Denkmal

East Side Gallery

RECIPE: Birthday cake

Foto 15.08.15 13 39 24On my Instagram page I already posted a pic of my birthday cake and now I want to share the recipe with you. I got this one from Vegan Sports Blog and for me it was one of the best vegan cakes I’ve ever eaten. So here we go…

Vegan Lemon – Yoghurt Cake

  • sugarfree (with this I mean it’s free from conventional sugar e.g. retail sugar)
  • low fat
  • easy
  • vegan

– 200g whole grain spelt flour
– 150g maize meal
– 150-200g coconut sugar
– 1 pack baking powder– 2 teaspoons vanilla
– grounded peel of a half a lemon
– grounded peel of half a orange
– 200g unsweetened soy yoghurt
– 200ml mineral water
– 2 teaspoons sugarfree marmelade (I used apricot)
– melted vegan couverture for topping


In a bowl mix the whole grain spelt flour, maize meal, coconut sugar, baking powder, lemon and orange zests and vanilla. Then add the yoghurt and mix the dough with a mixer. While mixing add mineral water bit by bit into the bowl. You can now add some sugarfree marmelade into the dough. Fill everything into a baking pan and bake at 180°C for about 45 min. If you want, you can top the cake with some melted vegan couverture when it’s finished and cooled.


Nutrition facts per 100g (source: Vegan Sports Blog)

186 kcal
Carbohydrates: 44,7g
Proteins: 5,3Fat: 1,7g
Fiber: 1,9g